‘- Extremely easy foldable tent
– User friendly FIR Steamer with adjustable temperature and timing
– Warranty 1 year
– PORTABLE CHAIR are included.

RM750.00 RM690.00

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– 3 layers fabrics.
– Using the Far Infrared (FIR) heating panel
– There are infrared panels that produce heat causing sweating
– Adjustable temperature and timing
– Remote control
– Warranty 1 year. Please refer back to us , if there are any problems after a year. We provide the best technician team for you, the repair charges is around RM50-RM100″


– stop using when you feel bad or feel uncomfortable
– keep away from heat or fire. Avoid sunlight.
– Blanket must cool off before it is folded and stored
– Use soft cloth to clean and avoid strong and sharp cleanser.
– Keep FIR SAUNA in a cool dry place.
– Do not use FIR Sauna wearing silver and metal jewelry.
– When not using the FIR Sauna, please do not put the FIR Sauna on to heating by itself!


Video Cara-Cara Memasang dan Melipat SAUNAKU FIR


Video Cara-Cara Penggunaan Alat Konfigurasi SAUNAKU FIR


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