1. Remove Blackhead, deeply clean face.
2. For acne, pimple skin treatment.
3. Treatment for the dry skin.
4. Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation.
5. Treatment for the stain and dull skin, reduce skin hyperpigmentation.

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1.It is suitable for different skin type
– It is gentle with clinical verifications and suitable for different skin type.

2. Five minutes care
– The care is twice per week and five minutes each time. The effect can be saw immediately. It makes the skin be tender and smooth with healthy gloss.

3. Wireless operation
– Special wireless design, make you enjoy skin care by most comfortable ways.

4.Charging all night
– USB charging, the machine charge once all night, then can enjoy 3 weeks care and do not need to insert and pull out.

Video Cara-Cara Penggunaan dan Kelebihan SAUNAKU Nano Dermabrasion

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